I will buy Windows Vista if…

The release of Windows Vista have made a burden to those loyal to Microsoft Windows. Most people would really like to have the “latest” and doesn’t care if they need the features or not. As long as it is the latest release, then it must be good. This burden includes buying the latest full featured operating system from Microsoft, the Windows Vista Ultimate, and of course you couldn’t run Vista Ultimate smoothly if you don’t have 1GB of RAM, and at least a 256MB video card. If paying for the hardware upgrade is burden enough, then paying for the OS is a lot heavier. Because of the expensiveness of Windows, most people would resort to pirating a copy, if not make a switch to Linux and Open Source.

Because of the increasing rate of piracy, Microsoft has formulated anti-piracy steps to prevent loss in sales. But this anti-piracy steps has become annoying to Windows users to the point that it is more convenient to use a pirated copy rather than waste your time trying to activate or reactivate your copy of Windows.

Although I have learned to love Linux and Open Source (using it for 5 years now) and currently using K/Ubuntu for my productivity needs, I would still consider buying a legal copy of Windows Vista Ultimate if it was priced at 40 US dollars or less. By making Vista more affordable for the general public, then more people will perhaps buy it, or think twice before switching to the FREE Linux and Open Source systems.

Yes, I will perhaps buy a copy of Vista if it was priced 40 US dollars and below, but buying it doesn’t guarantee that I will use it often.

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  1. The entire thought that you would like to have something you once rejected because of the steep initial costs, or continued “high maintenance” exertion you know would be required, is like wishing to also have the previous girlfriend as a lover, while you have the much superlative wife in the home.

    Wanting to have a definitely inferior thing after possessing the superior Linux, is much like the day dreams of a foolish young man.

    It isn’t about actually having and enjoying good labors, steady enterprise; it is all about desire for something once acknowledged to have been inferior, and thus cast aside as useless.

    You want something that others seem to have, but, you know nothing of the nightly travails and agonies demanded of those who accept less in life.

    This missive is composed on a Curbside Dustbin Donated Dell Dimension 4100, 933 Mhz, with 512 MB RAM, running Mepis 6.5.

    Of the 950 GB of hard drives internal and external, 10 GB is for the Linux OS and all of it’s supporting system, the rest is my creation in graphics, photos, text files.

    Also, there are movies, music, ripped from my extensive DVD and CD collection, just as Bill Gates advised. Then, while traveling, I can enjoy the media I purchased, without fear of loss due to accident, of the originals in my private collection.

    Then, there are the many ISOs of *BSD, GNU/Linux, Yellow Dog for my Macs, Kondara for my DEC Alpha, and, even, Plan9!

    Too many superior OSes and distros exist to muck about in the quicksand of multiple convicted felon pirate Microsoft, who want any excuse to brand you in their mold.

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