Ubuntu FREE CDs Delivered After Two Weeks

I just got my FREE Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu CDs from Canonical’s Shipit last Friday, only two weeks after I placed an order. The K/Ubuntu version is 7.04 Feisty Fawn and is a matured distro in my opinion. It has come a long way since Ubuntu’s first release in 2004. I have tried Ubuntu and Kubuntu in my laptop, and I guess Kubuntu will stay for a while in my laptop. I have no special preference when it comes to Linux distros, for me, what works well stays as my productivity system. If a new distro will come out and has positive reviews, then I might as well try it, if it works well, then it will stay… for a while.. until a new one will come out.

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One thought on “Ubuntu FREE CDs Delivered After Two Weeks”

  1. Hey, i’ve been using ubuntu for a white now… and just yesterday i got my free ubuntu CD.

    More Power to PinoyGeek.org!!!

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