Young Geek

11132006070.jpgMy son is starting young on his geek life. At the age of 3 yrs old, just give him a computer and he will know his way around whether he is using Windows or Linux.

As of now, he has his own old Dell Inspiron 2500 laptop. But I have to keep on hiding his laptop from time to time because of addiction. Trying to keep him in touch with the real world. There are times when I woke up 1:00 AM in the morning only to see my soon glued in front of his laptop.

Now, me and my wife tries to give him a balanced child life by playing outside and of course using his beloved laptop.

2 thoughts on “Young Geek”

  1. Wow, that’s amazing pare! I’m really curious, what are the things that he already knows how to do in his laptop? I’m sure he knows how to turn it on, since you said you woke up in the middle of the night to see him using his laptop. Malayong mararating niyang anak mo, haha! Bilib ako. 3 years old. Wow.

  2. just the basics, he knows how to choose between Linux and Windows while booting, he knows how to reconnect the wireless internet in case it gets disconnected, the back and forward in browsers, save his favorite web pages in the bookmarks.. close pop ups that he thinks is just an advertisement.. wait patiently until the anti virus has completely updated.. etc..

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