New Home

No, not a new house.. in geeks’ term a new home is a new homepage in the internet or a new website.  This wordpress blog will now be my new home as my old blog in blogspot has limited features, and these past few months, blogspot is becoming synonymous to spam.  This blog will contain nothing more than my raves and rants in everyday tech life.  My opinions and thoughts.

Together with this new site, I have included the making of a new community for Pinoys, Pinoy Geek [dot] org. Pinoy Geek [dot] org is a community driven site created in order to have a central discussion area for Pinoys around the world who are tech savvy… or a geek. The community aims to help and interact with one another in order to make the life of Pinoys more technologically inclined.

So, I must go ahead and find something to write about…